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An ancient curse. A life filled with secrets. And a centuries-old blood feud that will haunt her.
When seventeen-year-old Addie Auctor’s mother is murdered by her father, she must confront many secrets that her family has hidden from her. The worst of these secrets is that Addie’s father, Donovan Hawthorne, is still hunting Addie because of an ancient blood feud between her mother’s family, the Auctors, and her father’s family, the House of Hawthorne. In order to be protected from the House of Hawthorne, Addie and her brother, Augustus, are sent to Initiation at an exclusive University, the Wicked Cabal.
Initiation is nothing like Addie expects. She is separated from her brother and thrown in with four strangers. Addie must try to forge friendships with her fellow Initiates while they solve clues, battle mystical creatures, and explore increasingly dangerous places.
But lurking in the background is a curse passed down from centuries before – the curse of the Auctor Trilogy.
Readers of all ages will love this adventure filled with suspense, treachery, and romance.


Auctor Trilogy