Deciding Whether to Write First Person or Third Person Omniscient

The first draft of The Auctor Trilogy was written in Third Person Omniscient. I liked the idea of Third Person Omniscient over First Person originally because I wanted to give the reader the perspective of Augustus and of various other characters.

However, after finishing the first draft, I quickly realized that due to the complexity of the relationships that Addie would have, and the amount of information that Augustus has that the reader can’t know yet, I changed to First Person narration.

There are plenty of times as I’ve been writing the first four books in the series that I’ve reconsidered going back to Third Person Omniscient. However, I really like writing from Addie’s perspective.  I think Addie is the character that I wish that I could be in real life – incredibly smart but modest, hardworking, caring, compassionate, introspective, capable, strong even when faced with the worst possible situations in life.

There is a very strong possibility that I will be writing a few standalone novellas from Augustus’ perspective as well as from a couple of other characters. However, Augustus currently has so much information that isn’t available to the reader that it will have to wait until well after the publication of the fourth book.  I also think it would be fascinating to write from the prospective of one of the Exemplars or from a member of the House of Hawthorne.

I also get my fix with regards to writing in Third Person by having each Prologue to the books being written in this style. I really enjoy being able to give the reader a little insight as to where things are going without giving away everything, especially since there are so many details to come.

In the end, I think choosing between First Person and Third Person is a deeply personal choice and is dependent upon the content and the characters that the author is writing. First Person works for this series, but may not work for the next series (if I ever get around to writing another series).

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