Delayed Gratification

Delayed Gratification is the ability to resist the temptation for an immediate reward and wait for a later reward.”  When I first heard this term in Psych 101 Freshman year of college, all I could think was, “That should be my middle name.”  This is literally my personality type:  I ALWAYS complete the unpleasant thing first to get to the fun thing later.

In high school, I HAD to have all of my homework and extracurricular activities completed before I would let myself enjoy a good book or spend time with friends. In college, same thing – but with the added unfortunate twist of working at least full time.  Graduate school – basically just a very amped up version of college.  In fact, during finals, I would remove the television entirely from my apartment to remove any temptation of enjoying myself before all of the studying and final exams were done.

I feel like this is how I approach writing the books as well. I need to complete the parts that are incredibly hard before I allow myself to work on the easy scenes, the fun scenes.  If I try to work on the scenes that are easy or already 98% finished, my brain gets itchy, as though it is saying, “Why haven’t you worked on that scene where that one character dies?  Why aren’t you doing the thing you need to do rather than the thing that you want to do?”  And then I am forced to finish and perfect the scene where the character dies before I can write the scene where the main character gets kissed.

I’m hoping that this hard work shows in the books.

The Wicked Cabal, the second book in The Auctor Trilogy series, is due out February 2017.

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