Getting to Know the Characters

One of the hardest parts of writing for me was making sure that each of my characters was multi-dimensional. I didn’t want people to read the book and think of Liam as just another jock.  I mean, he totally is, but there is so much more to him than that.  But the problem was always, how do I explain Liam to the audience without just saying, “Liam is an athletic guy who cares deeply about his best friend, Maddox, and his cousin, Declan, who feels like he can’t live up to the standards set by his grandmother Magdalen and has some deep history with Tempe that they won’t talk about?”

And, honestly, a large part of that was discovering all of Liam’s different sides myself before I could properly explain him to anyone else.

In order to flesh out Liam, I needed a lot of different scenes. This is true for each of the characters.  I wrote so many drafts of The Auctor Trilogy, as well as the three books that followed, and deleted literally thousands of pages.  This meant that I deleted scenes where I got to know my characters.  A LOT of scenes where I got to know my characters.  Some of the scenes were deleted because I felt like they didn’t add a lot to the story after another draft.  Other scenes were deleted because I felt like they revealed TOO much about the character or about some other secret that wasn’t ready to come out yet.

After spending over five years with these characters, I feel like I know them ridiculously well.

I’m hopeful that other people are attached to Addie, Maddox, Liam, Tempe, Fallon, and Augustus the same way that I am. More secrets are revealed in The Wicked Cabal, due out February 2017!

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