The Best Parts of Finally Publishing

I first started writing “The Auctor Trilogy” in June of 2011.  The first draft took approximately three weeks.  There are probably about two sentences of that entire book left at this point.  I went through over 50 drafts of The Auctor Trilogy before finally deciding it was time to publish.

I knew that publishing, especially self-publishing, was going to be stressful.  What I didn’t anticipate were the emotional benefits of finally putting my writing out into the world. 

First, and most beneficial, I finally told people that I’d been writing for over five years.  I had told my husband, but hadn’t told anyone else because I was unsure of how other people would react.  However, after I told family and friends, all I received was positive feedback and kindness.  The amount of support has been unbelievably helpful and motivating.

Second, by publishing The Auctor Trilogy, I can fully focus on Book #2 – The Wicked Cabal, set to be published in February 2017.  I’ve been working on Book #2, The Wicked Cabal, since Fall of 2011.  It has gone through many, many drafts, as have Books 3 and 4, but because I hadn’t published the first book, I kept going back to make changes.  This was preventing me from fully investing in each book individually but wish publishing The Auctor Trilogy, I can focus on each book in turn.  This is especially exciting as Book #3, The House of Hawthorne is set to be released May of 2017.

Third, because I’m finally publishing the series, the possibility of writing another series is available again.  I’ve been so focused on the first four books of The Auctor Trilogy series that I had closed my mind to the idea of other books or other series.  Now, when other ideas come to me, I can happily think to myself, “That could be extraordinary” rather than, “That’ll never happen.” It is incredibly freeing.

My biggest regret? Not publishing years ago.  Now to go focus on Book #2, The Wicked Cabal. 

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