The New Year

I’m certain that I’m one of about 1,000 people doing a blog post about resolutions today, but… I can’t help myself.

While the reality is that each and every day is a new opportunity and a new chance to change something, there is something almost magical about the New Year. I know some people start planning their New Year’s Resolutions months in advance.  I know some people who plan them the night of.  And I know some people, like myself, who decide on their New Year’s Resolutions on New Year’s Day.

Here are my resolutions. Not necessarily in order of importance, but… well kind of.

The first one is to publish the second book in The Auctor Trilogy series, The Wicked Cabal. As I’ve stated in a previous blog post, I’ve been working on The Wicked Cabal for nearly as long as I’ve been working on The Auctor Trilogy, but it is still insanely difficult to finalize a publishable draft.  When people tell me that they liked The Auctor Trilogy and are excited for the second book in the series, my brain does two things at the exact same time – it celebrates and it panics.  I’m thrilled that people like The Auctor Trilogy and genuinely want to read the second book.  And I’m absolutely terrified that The Wicked Cabal will not live up to The Auctor Trilogy.  This means that the next two months will be a very intense level of writing and editing to ensure that The Wicked Cabal lives up to people’s expectations.

The second resolution is to blog every day. I haven’t done a great job of this in 2016, and I know that blogging is both a good way for me to really think certain ideas all of the way through and to reach a wider audience.

The third is to read 100 books during 2017. I’ve fallen into a bit of a lull and I’ve struggled immensely with finishing a lot of highly anticipated books.  However, there are some fantastic books out there, and I’m eager to see what 2017 brings with it.

I’m hoping to reach each and every one of these goals. I hope you reach your goals, too.  Happy New Year’s everyone!

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